Around Costa Rica’s highest mountain the unique ecosystem is shaped by rushing rivers, roaring waterfalls and heavy rainfalls. The indigenous people who still live within the cloudforest call the area Chirripó: Land of Eternal Water. 

In the last few years Mount Chirripó has become a popular tourist attraction among Ticos. Some people complete the return trip to the peak (3.820m) and back to the entrance of the Nationalpark at San Gerado Village (1520m) in a single day. After 20 hours of rumbling and tumbling I was one of them.  

When I was finally back at my hostel I could hardly remember the reasons for undertaking this little adventure. I barely took any pictures. But I somehow needed the night sky with all of its stars, I needed its silence and its solitude, the rivers and their infinite waters, the clouds within the forest and all of its crippled trees and untold stories.