Carlisa II: The Residents


The reasons for the rescue animals being at Paraiso Carlisa are as diffrent as their shapes and colours. The mammals however were mostly held as pets and were often mistreated which makes it almost impossible for some to be ever released back to the wild. When it comes to parrots ileagal trade is still a huge problem with prices e.g. for a green Macaw reaching up to US$2.000 on the black market. Just in 2017, the Costa Rican goverment banned the private posession of wild birds making it now ilegal to have anything other then dogs or cats in your house without special authorisation.

Whenever an injured animal is found or rescued from captivity it will be moved to one of the country’s 200 rescue centers and wildlife reservers.
Here at Carlisa a gang of four spidermonkeys, a shy little deer and her unbashful partner, a lonely howler monkey, a furious raccoon, two confident nosebears and a madhouse of macaws and other parrots are the current residents of the rescue center.