let's pretend...

Let’s pretend we were travelers, stranded on a sunset island. 

Let’s pretend two zeros is something and I had it in me stay. 

Let’s pretend, just for the night, that puppies never die and blind dogs get adopted. 




she insisted that here you make lifelong friends and although I literally tried not to speak to anyone for the first few days, she still smiled at me and said: I could be one of them. 

I didn’t believe her back then.




sometimes I feel like I only have a timeframe of five seconds to write something decent. when things just come together at last. like when I feel a little sad without being depressed, when I feel a little euphoria without being drunk, when I can be honest without feeling guilty, while phrasing tears with a smile and pen down fears in pride. when I can talk about myself without feeling selfish and look at my life not in doubt but smirking in surprise. 

when I manage not minding too much. about what you might think. about what you won’t read.


San Jose


I have to admit that I’ve expected more. Great expectations, always. But I also know my mind was still stuck in Europe while my feet were already wondering the dusty pavements of Costa Rica’s capital.

intro: fallen leaves

This is my journey through Costa Rica, Puerto Rico and wherever. Normally I would steal quotes and lyrics, combine them with my pictures and keep things as vague as possible. But this time I want this blog to be, if nothing else, all my own. I want to be the awkward passenger who gets overly emotional over breaking waves and passing clouds. Maybe not in the present of your days, but in the fractures of my photographs and in the words I so rarely use. So please forgive the clumsiness of my writing and the rudeness of a stranger.
Here are my photographs, notes and memories of places and people, loved and lost in the briefest of moments. Like fading flowers or falling leaves.


Keine Ahnung was das hier werden soll, aber wahrscheinlich wird es wie immer: Ein bisschen wütend, ein bisschen melancholisch, ziemlich übertrieben, zum Teil wahnsinnig kitschig und manchmal richtig bescheuert. Aber irgendwie mag ich das, also scheiß drauf, das hier ist mein Blog. Ich nenn ihn Fallen Leaves weil ich diesen Billy Talent Song früher so geil fand und ich schon immer ein Kind des Herbstes war. Weil Costa Ricas tote Blätter so unfassbar traurig aussehen wenn sie in einem Feuerwerk aus Farben verrotten und jedes Blatt dabei in einer Eleganz vergeht, die mein kleines Herz im selben Takt sterben lässt.