haunting memories III: Kerry

my best friend, my first love. He taught me to get out and explore and to find excitement in the everyday surroundings and that the very same tree can smell different every day. He showed me how strolling through the woods can be the cure for another lame day at school. He was walking me when I was caught up in daydreams and too many placebo songs, when there was too much screaming at home and when there was only silence. He was my muse when I first went out with a camera trying to frame the setting sun.
I was sixteen and scared of everything and he was the bravest dog I know.

 Saupurzel, Germany 2005

Saupurzel, Germany 2005


let's pretend...

Let’s pretend we were travelers, stranded on a sunset island. 

Let’s pretend two zeros is something and I had it in me stay. 

Let’s pretend, just for the night, that puppies never die and blind dogs get adopted. 




Wo sind denn all die Worte hin. Da war doch noch so viel und so viel was nicht still sein wollte. So laut dass ich auf keiner Busfahrt, selbst mit Musik auf voller Lautstärke, es geschafft hätte die Wörter zu bändigen. Diese endlosen Sätze, wo am wenigsten ich selbst sagen konnte wann sie aufhören werden. Diese Anaphern und Metaphern die jeder Deutschrapper besser hinkriegen würde. Dieses andeuten und ausbeuten von Zweifeln und Glücksmomenten.
Zweifeln im glücklich sein, dass klappt auch hier ganz gut, auf der Insel der Streuner. Nur die Worte fehlen mir. Hab alles versucht. Jeden Tag Café getrunken bis ich nur noch schwarze Brühe pinkeln konnte. Doch auch beim schreiben kommt nur mist heraus. Jeden Tag aufs Meer gestarrt bis auch die Wellen die Geduld verloren und mich vor Wut schäumend davon jagten.
Zurück geblieben ist nichtmal ein Satz.
Stundenlang auf Busse gewartet, an namenlosen Haltestellen, nur um zehn Minuten Bus zu fahren und eine leere Notiz in der Hand zu tragen. 


Amigos de los Animales III: Adri

Founder, heart and soul of Amigos de los Animales. Adrienne turned her house in Piñones into a shelter twelve years ago and rescues dogs ever since. She saw hundreds of dogs going from shy, skinny puppies to healthy happy family members. From street dogs to couch potatoes, but also dogs for whom it was to late to rescue and puppies dying in her arms. But that’s what I admire most about her: She still cares about each dog like it was her first rescue, like it was her own child.




Mariana always kenw that she is a beautiful mermaid trapped inside a furry Labrador body.

So whenever the ocean calls she follows.



can you be in a somber mood and still feel blissful?
Because I think that’s how I feel in Piñones everyday the sun starts setting.

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Amigos de los Animales I: Spay-athon Puerto Rico


From November 3. to 9, a coalition of 26 local, national, and international organizations hosted a colossal Spay-athon in Puerto Rico. At eight different locations, veterinarians accomplished a marathon of surgeries and vaccinations to get Puerto Rico's cats and dogs spayed and neutered.

To dogs per person were granted a free treatment so Amigos de los Animales took the chance to get 13 of the shelter’s most recent rescues treated. On Tuesday morning Shelter Director Adri and ADLA CEO Amanda together with long time supporters Lianne, Isabel and Gabriela made their way to Arecibo. Also on board: Franky, Boots, Alfa, Amos, Pam, Pinky, Jagger, Blanquita, Mimi, Stormy, Blanquin and Tiffany. 

Most of these Satos were barely used to walking on a leash, let alone standing in queue for more then six hours. However Alfa, Blanqui, Boots and Jagger quickly adapted to the new situation and enjoyed the hustle and bustle in the surroundings of hundreds of other dogs. With countless new smells and so many things to pee on it was no wonder the little ones where overwhelmed with excitement while the crew moved slowly forward in line. And when you have two sweet dogs like Boots and Alfa in your lap no waiting is ever too stressful and time passes by quickly. 

 Lianne and Tiffany

Lianne and Tiffany


Thanks to the amazing volunteers in Arecibo the registration process went smoothly. The vets and volunteers treated well over 1.500 animals over the course of six days in Arecibo alone. In this historic effort to effect systemic change for the animals in Puerto Rico two more Spay-athons are scheduled for 2019.

After the surgeries the Amigos Team gathered in the milddle of the basketball stadium where the surgeries took place to wait for the 13 furballs to wake up from anesthesia. Especially for Gabriela this was a chance for a well deserved break for she was handling Amos and Pinky, two furry rascals who dared each other not to stand still for more than ten seconds over the many hours in queue. 
At the end of a very long Tuesday not only the dogs were tired, but everyone from Amigos de los Animales was happy to be a part of this successful venture because it means Amos, Pinky, Boots and Co. are one step closer to finding a forever home.

Please visit Amigos de los Animales to see all the adoptable dogs and ways to support the rescue of puerto rican straydogs.

 Lianne, Adri and Amanda together with their rescues in Arecibo

Lianne, Adri and Amanda together with their rescues in Arecibo


Yabucoa III: Millie's Home

The first roof I worked on in Yabucoa with All Hands and Hearts was hidden in the blue sky and behind ridiculously steep roads. Millie's house has suffered from hurricane Maria and the roof was leaking in every corner. But under the guidance of team-leader Lauren and after hours of puerto rican reggaeton from the radio, powerwashing, scraping, cementing and painting, the little light blue house was sealed and restored.



she insisted that here you make lifelong friends and although I literally tried not to speak to anyone for the first few days, she still smiled at me and said: I could be one of them. 

I didn’t believe her back then.


Yabucoa I: All Hands & Hearts

"It’s 6:45. Meet your team. Puerto Rico needs you!“ It’s sunny morning at the base and Jenn, Volunteer Coordinator of All Hands and Hearts in Yabucoa, makes sure that everyone gets ready for a new day of power washing, painting and roof fixing. 

Yabucoa, is the place where hurricane Maria first made landfall in fall 2017, just weeks after hurricane Irma had haunted the Island. In this small municipal area alone over 37.000 residents have been affected by the hurricane and even after more than a year, hundreds of homes are still in need of basic roof repair. 

The NGO All Hands and Hearts ist specialized on international disaster relief and committed to address the immediate and long-term needs of communities impacted by natural disasters. Their aim is to arrive early for first response but also to stay late until schools and homes are rebuilt in a disaster-resilient way. That’s why the organization is still maintaining three bases in Puerto Rico.

I’m joining the Yabucoa program of All Hands and Hearts for a little while to work with volunteers from around the globe who followed their heart and the call of the island: “Puerto Rico needs you”. 

 Volunteers Ely, Charlito, Fanan and Lauren. The view of Yabucoa valley.

Volunteers Ely, Charlito, Fanan and Lauren. The view of Yabucoa valley.


San Juan II: The Pet Village


While huge parts of the Island are still recovering from Hurricane Maria that hit Puerto Rico in September 2017, the many dog shelters around San Juan are as busy as ever. PR Animals’ PET VILLAGE just opened recently and provides a home to over 30 dogs and cats rescued from the streets or from starvation at the beach.

I stayed there a couple of nights and hope my pictures can help so these furballs can soon find a forever home.  For more Information about PR Animals and their efforts to educate responsible pet ownership, their rescue work and for information about adoption and support please check out their website or leave me a note! PR Animals

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