Piñones Beach, Puerto Rico 2018

Piñones Beach, Puerto Rico 2018

“This was a time I intentionally failed to drop bread crumbs for my return journey; instead, I ate them. “
- Andre Aciman (Call me by your name)

welcome to my silent kingdom. My digital canvas and outlet of stockpiled memories. I'm a small town boy drawn to nature and full of admiration for those people who manage to live life without letting this world go to waste. I like to take quiet pictures and make naïve choices, I'm a vivid dreamer and restless traveler. I find comfort in the loneliness of cities and in the fury of wilderness. My artistic voice lies in the creation of photographic series about the unity of men and nature and the struggle and misunderstanding guarding this way.

On the photographs page you'll find a small portfolio of selected pictures. In stories I'll gather my personal projects and most recent series. Feel free to contact me. Ask me anything, share your opinion or get me involved in your own vision.

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journey/ fall may bring | Helsinki - Finland, Autumn+Winter 2019

new beginnings in scandinavia after living life between here and there, only loosly bound to people and places for the last few years.


work/ social learning with animals | Germany, Summer 2019

Lernen mit Tieren is a german institution that has been working in the field of therapeutic and education since 1994. The team around founder Ingrid Stephan provides short term therapy supported by animals. I will join them in June and July for a reportage and to learn more about therapy that is supposed to be beneficial for both animals and man.



journey / The Donkey Paradise | Spain, April 2019

Revisiting El Paraiso Del Burro for my ongoing series about this remarkable sanctuary, located in a hidden valley in the north of Spain

Charlotte, beneath her apple tree | Paraiso del Burro

Charlotte, beneath her apple tree | Paraiso del Burro


work/ Brewing Records | Galicia - Spain, Spring 2019

A couple of friends with a passion for craft beer and organic farming founded the innovative nano-brewery Cervezas Silvestres near the beautiful west coast of Spain.


journey/ Oaks and Eucalyptus | Valderodas - Spain, Spring 2019

Emma and Barney from England have turned an abandoned hamlet in Galicia into an inspiring eco village that’s striving to live sustainable and self-sufficient. Within 12 years and the help of volunteers from around the world they created Valderrodas, an environmental educational project and an oasis for nature lovers.


journey/ fallen leaves | Costa Rica + Puerto Rico, Fall/Winter 2018

A journey within Central America’s rainy season. From Butterfly Gardens to Rescue Centers.

fallen leaves: a journey within Central America’s rainy season

work / All Hands and Hearts | Puerto Rico, October 2018

In Yabucoa, hurricane Maria first made landfall in fall 2017, just weeks after hurricane Irma had haunted the Puerto Rico. Over 37.000 residents have been affected by the hurricane and even after more than a year, hundreds of homes are still in need of basic roof repair. 

The NGO All Hands and Hearts ist specialized on international disaster relief and committed to address the immediate and long-term needs of communities impacted by natural disasters.




Vinterdans | Norway, Winter 2017/18

Marit and Fri

Marit and Fri

print publication / (in stores: 09.02.2018)

Cover photograph and 30 pictures for Marit Kasin's autobiographical book about life, races and struggles with her dogs in Norway's wilderness. more about vinterdans




journey / wildcamping and other adventures | Scotland, February/March/April 2017

Chasing spring on mystic mountains. Following the deer roads and countless sheep with just backpack, tent and camera. Listening to legends of the highlands and getting lost between lochs, glens and bens in this mesmerizing labyrinth of rain and snow.


print publication /

Heimat der Braunforelle |
FliegenFischen REISE SPEZIAL 1/2018
cover + article  


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